Our Story

In 2012, brothers Nick and Danny Ortiz were walking around their neighborhood dreaming of creating a clothing brand based on a character Nick had been drawing since he was a kid. “What would we call it?” Danny asked. “I always call him Little Box Guy.” And in that moment, the brand Little Box Guy was born. Shortly after, Nick moved overseas to China to teach English & backpack through Southeast Asia and Little Box Guy was right there with him. As Nick explored and became inspired by the people, locations, and cultures around the world, the world of Little Box Guy continued to expand. Knowing he had created something special, Nick decided to return to his hometown of Orlando, Florida. He joined forces with his family to focus on the dream of bringing Little Box Guy to life.

Today Nick continues his travels up and down the Florida coast, building relationships while introducing LBG to the sunshine state and soon the rest of the world!


Who is Little Box Guy?

LBG is your inner child. He keeps your imagination & creativity fresh. He feeds your curiosity by opening your mind to new things. He helps you make decisions based on how You feel and inspires you to believe in yourself when making those decisions. Little Box Guy is the fuel to your fire that helps you pursue the passions you had as a child but have perhaps let somethings get in the way of reaching them. Most importantly of all, LBG tries his best to remind you to just Smile. Enjoy Life.